The Microbial Ark

How could we save all life on earth? Not the smallest question you can ask yourself, I set out to create a new ark of Noah, not one made of wood, but one out of metal and rock. Set to be shot into outer space. This project is set around a speculative future in which we need to find a new way to safeguard life on earth.  Gathering animals two by two isn’t going to do it. Natural life is always connected to the context of its surroundings. Once you remove nature from it context, it transforms. Thus, this ark will only carry the essence of life itself. 50 different species of bacteria, embedded in the centre of the spacecraft will be the spark of life to send away, an evolutionary starter kit of carbon based life. Only one precious gift is included in this microbial ark, knowledge. What if we could send a letter to this future form of life? To stand the test of time, this message will be encoded into the DNA of these bacteria themselves. 50 letters encoded in 50 species, to be read when the they land and have evolved into sentient forms of life.