Kamer van de Kleine Beerze

The Kamer van de Kleine Beerze is a practical artwork created with the materials and expertise of the inhabitants of the Dal van de Kleine Beerze. By using working with local farmers, companies and inhabitants, the Kamer is created out of the everyday objects that surround this area.   Using these objects as inspiration for shapes and putting them together in a different configuration, an old silo, windowpanes and wood planks become a habitable space which is open for anyone, visitors or permanent residents of the area. By having people sign in on airbnb, this digital tool is used to create engagement with the local area, instead of creating distance, instead of reviewing the room, the visitors will be asked to collect their experiences of the surroundings. This digital guestbook will grow with each visitor. KVDKB will be open for the public spring 2020. In collaboration with Timm Donke, 2019