What if we treat the body as a resource of which valuable materials can be harvested? This performative research project posed the question what could be produced with the materials my own body produces. From Hair to sweat, everything could have a function. The human body not only takes in, but also gives out. Instead of pouring our waste down the drain, why not use it to sustain life spliced from our own? By harnessing the capacity to grow and nurture plants on my leftover bodily energy, shunned waste is turned into a valuable food commodity. Let’s take three different bodily matters and convert them into usable materials. Sweat for salt, hair for soil and urine for fertilizer. The production closes the distance between the human body and the energy cycle of nature. The harvested materials are used to nurture plants, and to create a salad. Lettuce, radish, mustard and more, join in the feast of human production.   Bodyponics has been exhibited at Dutch Design week 2018 and at the Frame Magazine's Frame Lab 2019